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[Feb 17th Tue 04 09:30pm]

this is stupid and people are stupid and its all crap!!!, if gay people wanna get marry then let them, why do people always got to make a big deal about everything? fuckem! its thier lifes! let them choose how they wanna live it god damn it, if a guy can fucking marry a horse then a gay person can marry another gay person! and while we are at it! lets let cousins marry cousins! mothers marry sons! fathers marry daughters!!! fucking people!!!! FUCK YOU ALL!!! fuck all this gay marriage shit and fuck the gov! fuck the law and whatever else people believe in.....who gave people the right to tell someone else what to do with thier lives? come on, YOU AINT THE BOSS OF ME!! Read more...Collapse )

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[Nov 19th Wed 03 05:27pm]
if you arent active in my journal, then its goodbye

you will be remove if you

1)dont bother replying to me
2)dont bother reading or commenting.
3)always got excuses
4)i really don't give a fuck anymore, i don't need people on my friends list that don't bother reading or commenting and i won't read or commenting in there journals cause of that so whats the point in having people on my friends list then? and don't worry there will be more like 2 or 3 omg thats like everyone else except leslie,mandie,dani,black angel ha ha ha yea ok then

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