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this is stupid and people are stupid and its all crap!!!, if gay people wanna get marry then let them, why do people always got to make a big deal about everything? fuckem! its thier lifes! let them choose how they wanna live it god damn it, if a guy can fucking marry a horse then a gay person can marry another gay person! and while we are at it! lets let cousins marry cousins! mothers marry sons! fathers marry daughters!!! fucking people!!!! FUCK YOU ALL!!! fuck all this gay marriage shit and fuck the gov! fuck the law and whatever else people believe in.....who gave people the right to tell someone else what to do with thier lives? come on, YOU AINT THE BOSS OF ME!!

its thier lives, its thier problem, its thier future! everyone got a right to choose thier own road in life! assholes! but lets think ahead...if all this is happen cause gay people wanna get marry i wonder what will happen if gay couple, wanna have children? come on think about it here, those kids will be picked on and beaten up and who knows what else then the questions will pop up ok well i'm not getting into it anymore fuck everyone and everything ha i dont give a fuck about what happens and all this crap...

this is just stupid, dont see why people post these around
Marriage is sacred.


Marriage is defined by God, not by Man.

Frosted Lucky Charms are magically delicious.

Marriage is love.

ok well i'm fucking leaving now i dont see why i should keep updating this much, once every other week is enough...i'm probably delete my journals at GJ too i dont see why i should waste my time updating those too
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